Feb 21, 2018

Lai Re Naam

Remember the Name, take the Name – the Name is what saves! This ‘Name’ is the breath, the inner sound, the energy, which keeps us alive! Why not remember it, stay connected with it, and find in it the ground of our being, as this song gently suggests?
I learnt this song through Velagana Bhil from Kutch. You can listen to his raw, powerful version here.
Lai re naam, lai re naam, naam se tire
Naam bhooli aatma, bhamti phire ji
Baahare ubho mrigalo khetar mein chare
Dhani aave dhore ubho bhajto phire ji
Lai re naam…
Aandhade ne maala deeni, phenkto phire
Moorakh haathde heero deeno, dharti dhare
Lai re naam…
Nugura na neema deeno, kehto phire
Pehere kastoori kapda, tel mein tare
Lai re naam…
Saadhuda na sang jaaye, sudharo phire
Dev Dungarpuri bolya, naam se tire
Lai re naam…
Remember the Name
Remember the Name
Chant the Name
The Name is what saves
One who forgets the Name
Wanders aimlessly
The deer grazes the crops in the field
When the keeper arrives, it turns and flees
 Remember the Name…
Pearls in a blind man’s hand don’t stay
A fool fritters his diamonds away
Remember the Name…
The fool thinks his inner cloth is for show
Smears with perfumes his musk-scented robe
Remember the Name…
Seek good company if you want to re-form
Dev Dungarpuri says, the Name transforms
Remember the Name…
Translation: Vipul Rikhi

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