Apr 19, 2016

Koi Nahin Apna

What is the ultimate truth of our existence? Is it that we are utterly alone? That we come alone, and leave alone? That no one can escape the clutches of death? Kabir invokes all these truths in this utterly direct and bare song, which goes to the heart of all that we tend to deny or forget. No one is your own - understand, oh heart.

I've heard this song in the raw and powerful voice of 'Kabir baba' (Vishnu Khuprao Deshmukh), an itinerant street musician in Malwa. You can find his original rendition on Ajab Shahar here.

Koi nahin apna
samajh mana

Dhan daulat tera, maal khajeena
do din ka sapna
samajh mana

Nanga aana, nanga jaana
nahin kapda rakhna
samajh mana

Trikuti mein se jaan nikal gayi
moonh par daalo dhakna
samajh mana

Chaar jana mil khatiya uthaana
jangal beech rakhna
samajh mana

Kahat Kabir suno bhai saadho
vo hi hai ghar apna
samajh mana

No One is Yours

No one is yours,
Understand oh heart

Your wealth and gold
Your precious riches
A passing dream
Understand oh heart

We come naked
And leave naked
No covering remains
Understand oh heart

From between the brows
Life escapes
A shroud is put on the face
Understand oh heart

Four men act
As pall-bearers
They take you to the jungle
Understand oh heart

Kabir says
Listen seekers
That is our real home
Understand oh heart

 Translation: Vipul Rikhi

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  1. Hi Vipul,

    Can you please post about the last song that Mahesha Ramji sang last night in Bangalore which is about goodbye / Ram Ram? Please.