Feb 17, 2016

Lena Hue So

In this song, the Sufi-Bhakti poet Royal Fakir urges us to receive - and the moment to receive is always now. This moment, this birth, is extremely precious, like a jewel or a diamond that may not come our way so easily again.

We learnt this song from a recording of Om Prakash Naik ji made by Gopal Singh Chouhan of Lokayan, who has worked with several folk singers and artists in Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Lena hue so leeje mhaara bhaaida re
Ab aayi levan ke bela, re saadho
Maanako janam heero haath nahin aave re
Phir bhatkat chauraasi ra phera, re saadho
Edo ratan heero haath nahin aave re

Shyaam jata sir shvet bhayi hai re
Tane aje yun na aave re laaja
Tirya jake nar karni su tir gaya re
Ab sariya jaka ra kaaja
Maanako janam...

Gyaan kathe nar rehni nahin rehta re
Ab bin toh rehni kaisa gyaana
Man parmod sake nahin apno re
Phir auraan su poochhe re myaana
Maanako janam...

Hansa hue so hans gati haale re
Phir chheelar paanv na mele
Saadh hue mhaara ghat ujiyaara re
Ve toh akel kala maahin khele
Maanako janam...

Kirpa bhayi jad sauda rachiya re
Ab bhaavbhagat kaisi aasi
Royal ratan amolak paayo re
Ve toh sir saate avinaashi
Maanako janam... 

If You Want to Receive

If you want to receive, do so now
Now is the hour for receiving, seeker!
This human birth is hard to come by
Stumbling through endless cycles of being
You may not find this priceless gem again

The dark hair of your youth has turned grey
But has that made you mend your ways?
Kind acts, not grand words, bring grace
One who turns around does not again stray
This human birth...

You blabber fine words – do you live them?
What good is such wisdom, unlived?
Will it quench a thirsty heart’s seeking?
Won’t you wander again, lost, unhinged? 
This human birth…

Swan, walk with the gait of a swan
No stepping in shallow puddles anymore!
Radiance floods the seeker’s whole being
Alone, with art, she plays, she sports 
This human birth…

When grace was felt, the deal was struck
And Royal secured the priceless jewel
Now what thirst for respect or fame?
He cuts off his head, and becomes immortal
This human birth…

Translation by Vipul Rikhi

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