Jan 2, 2015

Haman Hain Ishq Mastaana

A classic Kabir song, 'Haman hain' describes his state of utter freedom and aloofness from attachments to or requirements from the world. He doesn't need to keep it happy anymore, he doesn't need to be in bed with it anymore. He has banished duality from his heart. This composition is by the wonderful Bindhumalini and Vedanth Bharadwaj. Find more songs at www.ishqfakiri.com

Haman hain ishq mastaana
Haman ko hoshiyaari kya?
Rahein aazaad ya jag se
Haman duniya se yaari kya?

Jo bichhude hain piyaare se
Bhatakte dar badar phirte
Hamaara yaar hai ham mein
Haman ko intezaari kya?

Na pal bichhude piya ham se
Na ham bichhude piyaare se
Unhi se neh laagi hai
Haman ko beqaraari kya?

Kabira ishq ka maata
Dui ko door kar dil se
Jo chalna raah naazuk hai
Haman sir bojh bhaari kya?

I’m Drunk on Love

I’m drunk on love
Why be clever anymore?
Free of worldliness
Why befriend the world anymore?

They wander who are lost
Separated from the beloved
My beloved dwells in me
Why wilt in waiting anymore?

Not once did I lose sight of him
Not once did he leave my side
My heart’s strings are tied to him
I don’t toss and turn anymore

Kabir, get drunk on love
Rid the heart of duality
Such a delicate path to tread
Why lug a heavy load anymore?

(translation by Vipul Rikhi)

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