Jan 27, 2016

Baahar Kyon Bhatke

When your truth is within you, why look outside? Why keep wandering? This is the question Kabir asks us in this song, which we first heard in the voice of Mahesha Ram ji from near Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

Aisa aisa heerla ghat maan kahiye
Johri bina heera kaun paarkhe?

Thaaro Raam hirday mein
Baahar kyon bhatke?

Aisa aisa ghrit toh doodh maan kahiye
Jhugiye bina maakhan kaise nikle?
Thaaro Raam hirday mein...

Aisi aisi aag toh lakdi maan kahiye
Ghasiye bina aag kaise nikle?
Thaaro Raam hirday mein...

Aisa aisa kivaad toh hivde pe jadiya
Guruji bina taala kaun khole?
Thaaro Raam hirday mein...

Kahe ho Kabir sa, suno bhai saadho
Raam mile thaane kaun hatke?
Thaaro Raam hirday mein...

Why Look Outside?

Your Raam is in your heart
Why search outside?

Such rare gems hidden in the body
Who but a jeweller can know their worth
Why wander outside?

Such pure ghee hidden in the milk
Will butter rise without churning?
Why look outside?

Such warm fire hidden in the wood
Will flames ignite without friction?
Why search outside?

Such stiff locks studded over the heart
Who but the guru can open these bolts?
Why wander outside?

Kabir says, listen seekers
Find Raam, then who can disturb you?
Why look outside?

Translation by Vipul Rikhi


  1. thank you for translation... Why search outside?

  2. You are truly beautiful. Amazing song, thank you for translating and bringing it alive for us