Feb 18, 2018

Jab Lag Sukhiyo Shareer

Indian philosophy is understood to propose four stages of life – childhood, youth, middle age and old age, with prescribed dharmas for each stage. This is usually understood in the culture to mean that inner work, meditation, spiritual search or satsang are literally a ‘last resort’, to be postponed diligently till old age while the duties and pleasures of the householder’s life hold sway in youth. Kabir turns this on its head. He says the best time to meditate is now, while your body is still young and willing. In old age, with no prior practice, neither body nor mind is going to buckle down to it! So do it now, while you’re well and the body is game! I learnt this song through Mahesha Ram ji of Rajasthan.
Hove re bhaag bhala re saadho
Satguru madiya, padiyo samand maan seer
Hansa re hove chug leejiye
Naam amolak heer
Peecche re yaad nahin aavse re piya
Pinjde mein vyaape peed
Hari ra gun gaay le re haan
Saadhu bhai, jab lag sukhiyo shareer
Hove re joban hata bhaj leejiye
Jej nahin karna beer
Vikal budhaapo tane aavse re piya
Manado nahin jhaale dheer
Hari ra gun…
Hove re pal pal kshan kshan aayu ghatat hai
Jyon anjali ko neer
Phir re hanso nahin aavse re piya
Maansarovariye ri seer
Hari ra gun…
Hove re sab devan ro dev Raamaiyo
Sab peeraan ro peer
Kehet Kabira bhaj leejiye
Sukhsaagariye ri seer
Hari ra gun…
While You are Well
Sing the praises of Hari, brother
While you’re well and the body is game
You won’t remember to do it later
When your frame is rattling with pain
Oh yes, my fortunes improved, the stream
Merged with the ocean, my true guru came
If you’re a swan, then seek
Only the precious jewel of the Name
Sing the praises…
Meditate while you still have youth
Don’t delay, brother, don’t wait till the end
A restless old age is creeping up on you
Your heart will lose all patience
Sing the praises…
Life slips out of our hands like water
Each moment, each instant, trickling away
The swan returns to the great mountain lake
It won’t pass anymore on this way
Sing the praises…
Oh yes, the god of all gods is Raam
The saint of all saints
Kabir says, meditate on that ocean
Of bliss, and become a part of it
Sing the praises…
Translation: Vipul Rikhi

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