Feb 20, 2015

Milo re Milo

Oh, to meet someone from my own land, says Gorakh, and be able to exchange a few words with him. As the saint-poets often say, no one here understands our language. They speak a different tongue.

This is a song from Malwa, which we learnt from Kaluramji.

Milo re milo koi mhaara des ra
Do do baataan karaanga ji

Lakkad lakkad sab ek hai
Ek hi maalik ne gadhiya ji
Ek lakkad toh dhooni mein jale
Dooji mahalaan mein jadiya ji
Milo re milo...

Patthar patthar sab ek hai
Ek hi maalik ne gadhiya ji
Ek patthar ki moorat bani
Dooji seedhi mein jadiya ji
Milo re milo...

Dharti maata ra choolha kariya
Aasmaan kiya hai kadhela ji
Chaar jugaan ke phoonkan diya
Dhuan gagan samaana ji
Milo re milo...

Dui kar jod Gorakh boliya
Paaya hai vaikunth vaasa ji
Jin ne ratiya nij naam ko
Voi nar sant sujaana ji
Pahunchooga sat dhaama ji
Milo re milo... 

Someone from my Land

Oh, to meet someone from my land
And have a few words with him

This wood, that wood, they’re all one
The same master made them all
This wood burns in a sacred fire
That one’s studded in a palace wall
Oh, to meet…

This stone, that stone, they’re all one
That master fabricated them both
This stone becomes part of the idol
That one’s on the temple floor
Oh, to meet…

Mother earth, the firewood stove
The sky transforms to a cauldron
All four ages tossed in the fire
The smoke rises up to the heavens
Oh, to meet…

Gorakh folds his hands in prayer
He’s found his place in heaven
One who remembers the true name
Arrives at the true destination
Oh, to meet…

(translation by Vipul Rikhi)

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