Dec 6, 2014

Ramta Padhaaro Ganpati

This is a Meera bhajan from Rajasthan. We learnt it from Mahesha Ram ji. It invokes the Lord of Beginnings, Ganesha, inviting him and all the other gods to our 'nij mandir', our very own, deeply personal, temple - this body, where we may welcome all the gods if we prepare it well enough.

Dhoop khevaada agarbatti nij mandariye mo
Ramta padhaaro Ganpati

Moose ri asvaari vaala Ganpat aaya
Sang ma re laaya Riddhi Siddhi

Nandi ri asvaari vaala Shiv ji aaya
Sang ma re laaya Parvati

Raam ji re aaya vhaala, re Lachhman aaya
Sang ma re laaya Sita sati

Anjani ka jaaya vhaala, re Hanumant aaya
Sang me re laaya amar booti

Bolya Meera bai, ne Girdhar gaayo
Guru milya hai Ravidas 

Stop by on Your Travels, O Ganesha

Incense sticks in my self-temple are lit
Stop by on your travels, O Ganesha

A mouse for his vehicle, Ganesha arrives
Together with his wives, wealth and wisdom
Stop by, O Ganesha

Riding his bull, Shiva arrives
Parvati, his partner, by his side
Stop by, O Ganesha

Raam arrives, and Lakshman arrives
Together with Sita, embodiment of truth
Stop by, O Ganesha

Son of the wind, Hanuman arrives
Bringing the herb of eternal life
Stop by, O Ganesha

Meera says, in service of Krishna
I found Ravidas, my true guru
Stop by, O Ganesha

(translation by Vipul Rikhi)

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  1. Thanks Vipul for your melodious and intoxicating voice. I have a special fascination for Mirabai's Bhajans.If possible kindly bring out instrumental CDs too.Looking forward to see your CDs in the market. Vedashini/Maggie